My Three Minute Therapy is based on the pioneering writings and therapy practice of Dr. Albert Ellis, father of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), and Cognitive Therapy (CT).

My REBT/CBT approach is active-directive and present-oriented. I teach you how to be your own therapist so you're not dependent on me for years or even many months. I regularly suggest homework, enabling you to take an active part in your therapy and make it highly efficient.

Here are the many ways you can learn Three Minute Therapy from me:

  • Phone/Skype Therapy (National and International)
  • In-Person Therapy (San Francisco and Marin Counties)
  • Email Counseling
  • Public Speaking, Workshops, and Seminars
  • Supervision of Therapists
  • Media Interviews

In my book, Three Minute Therapy, you can read many examples of how my therapy teaches individuals to overcome their problems.

My specialties include:

In addition to my work as an author and private practice therapist, I serve as an advisor to Stress Reduction Consultants, an engineer- and entrepreneur-oriented service that specializes in providing practical, efficient and present-oriented methods for making lasting positive change.